Monday, May 30, 2011

Mountain Bike Ride

Where did I ride?  here

Ride Stats:
Total Distance: 29.35 km (18.2 mi)
Moving Time: 1:26:11
Average Moving Speed: 20.43 km/h (12.7 mi/h)
Max Speed: 59.40 km/h (36.9 mi/h)
Elevation Gain: 477 m (1566 ft)
Max Grade: 9 %
Min Grade: -13 %

The Ride:
Since my bike is on it's way to Tahoe, I borrowed a friend's mountain bike and biked around Berkley Lake with it.  I'm pretty happy with the time and speed.  Considering I was on a mountain bike and the hilly-ness of the ride, I think it was pretty good.  My legs were pretty tired at the end - woohoo.

I've ridden this ride on my road bike a few years ago, before training for the century.  It was terrible.  I was terrible.  I coudn't handle all the hills and it basically kicked my butt.  But now, I did it on a mountain bike no problems.  Yay for progress!

That will probably be my last ride until Tahoe...but I'll be able to fit in a spin class or two I hope!! 

Saturday, May 28, 2011

Last Rides

I didn't post about the last couple rides because both had issues.  

The group training ride on Saturday I ended up breaking a spoke on my back wheel.  I made it 36 miles according to my computer.  I had to be SAG'd in and I wasn't a happy camper.   I took my bike directly to Roswell Bikes who had it fixed by Tuesday.  

The next ride (and the last right before the big day on my bike) was supposed to be on this past Thursday but it POURED rain and thundered and there was lightning - boooo.

Now my bike is on a truck across the country and that makes me a sad Val because I didn't get to ride it since the spoke was fixed and it had to be shipped away.


BUT - I'm so excited about the big day!! This time next week i'll be at Lake Tahoe!!

Monday, May 16, 2011

Thursday Brookhaven Ride

Where did I ride? here.

Ride Stats:
Total Distance: 34.11 km (21.2 mi)
Moving Time: 1:27:39
Average Moving Speed: 23.35 km/h (14.5 mi/h)
Max Speed: 49.53 km/h (30.8 mi/h)
Elevation Gain: 483 m (1584 ft)

The Ride:
I tried to fix my bike by tightening the cables to the front derailler  That worked for almost the first loop of the ride.  Then I started having issues shifting in the front again - big time and finally I just got my chain in the middle ring and stayed there the rest of the ride.  Other than the shifting issues, the ride was okay.  I rode with M for a little and L most of the ride.  I like my riding buddies :-)  

I explained my issues to one of the coaches and she suggested I talk to DP about taking a look at it - apparently this man can fix anything.  So I did and my bike is now in his hands getting fixed.  I'm really excited about my next ride with it - I can't wait to feel the difference.

Saturday, May 7, 2011

70 miles....ouch

Where did I ride? here.

Ride Stats:
Total Distance: 114.64 km (71.2 mi)
Moving Time: 4:50:28
Average Moving Speed: 23.68 km/h (14.7 mi/h)
Max Speed: 50.40 km/h (31.3 mi/h)
Elevation Gain: 1372 m (4501 ft)

The Ride:
This ride was a doozy!!  It started out poorly with my back derailer shifting all over the place and without my direction!  I spent the first 10 miles trying my darndest to catch up to my biking buddies but my bike was not helping me.  I finally caught up and was able to ride with them to the SAG.  I asked G to look at my bike and with a few turns here and there my back derailer was fine.  The next section of the ride was also fine, the group rode well and we pacelined and all seemed hunky dory.  We even passed an older woman on a rider mower with her curlers in - it was quite amusing!  

After leaving one of the SAG stops there was a group of us and we had like 13 or 15 person paceline going but those pacelines never go to the right pace for me.  Today it was really fast.  By the time i broke away from the paceline my leggies were tired.  I ended up riding to the 3rd SAG with 2 people I don' tusually ride with - but it was great to have them.  I met up with C & L, C, and the other A at the SAG.  We started off and my legs could not keep up.  At some point I was not able to shift into my big gear on my front derailer, this was very frustrating.  Silk Sheets is a lot of rolling hills so on those hills it's great to get in your big gear and  gain some momentum for the next hill - unfortunately, I could not do this.  Booo.

The ride was frustrating but I'm glad I was able to ride it with C.  She assured me this was not a "pity ride" but i know at times she held back - and I was so glad to have her with me.

After the ride we had a celebration for D - one our teammates.  He recently found out he's in remission.  We were so excited for him.  D is one of my favorite people on the team and I'm so happy for him to have received this wonderful news - i can't imagine the relief he and his family must have felt.

Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Recovery Ride

Where did I ride? here

Ride Stats:
Total Distance: 46.37 km (28.8 mi)
Moving Time: 2:15:59
Average Moving Speed: 20.46 km/h (12.7 mi/h)
Max Speed: 52.23 km/h (32.5 mi/h)
Elevation Gain: 546 m (1791 ft)

The Ride:
This was a really great recovery ride, the weather was perfect.  I wasn't sure how my legs would feel from the tough ride the day before.  The first half the ride my legs were not happy, the second half they felt fantastic!  We avoided going around the mountain so this was a shorter ride of just out to the mountain and back.


Group Training Ride - Hardest Ride Ever

Where did I ride: here

Ride Stats:
Total Distance: 103.28 km (64.2 mi)
Moving Time: 5:05:02
Average Moving Speed: 20.31 km/h (12.6 mi/h)
Max Speed: 60.30 km/h (37.5 mi/h)
Elevation Gain: 1984 m (6508 ft)

The Ride:
Ouch!  Wow, after the recent flat rides we've been having this was an extremely humbling experience.  This ride was tough - my legs ached, the hills were sucky, and the worst part was that it was one loop done twice!!  So after the first 31 mile hilly loop we had the SAG stop back at our cars (it would have been so easy to stop) and we had to go out there and do it again.  During the first loop, traffic was terrible.  We were stuck with a ton of cars, our group got broken up - but we met back up at the SAG.  The second loop was just overall an extremely hard experience...both mentally and physically.  I had a hard time with the mental aspect of this ride... each hill in the first loop I was trying to file away so i could prepare better for it on the 2nd loop but in the end there ended up being too many to keep track of.

At the end of the ride, I texted Aje and told him I was going to be useless for the rest of the day - which was completely accurate.  Looking back now - I'm really proud of how hard I worked and the fact that I completed both. I'm also glad to have my riding buddies - C & L (even though at the end of the both loops she was far ahead)!, and L.