Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Cars are Mean!

Ohhh...traffic was terrible yesterday.  I was driving over to Atlanta Cycle to do the Women’s Vinings route that leaves at 6:15.  I left Perimeter at 5:15 and arrived in Vinings (no interstate - that was super red on Georgia Navigator) at 6:20.  Just in time to see everyone ride out of the parking lot. I almost turned around in frustration and went home. 

But, instead, I got myself together, cue sheet in hand - left Atlanta Cycling determined to catch up to the group.  And I did!  It was great.  It really was a great ride...except I did almost get killed.  Some dumbass car, passed me on the LEFT going VERY FAST while i was signaling and in the process of making a left hand turn.  That was the first time I’ve ever actually be “shaken” by a car.  Whew!  I’m glad H was there - she yelled “car back” just as I was turning, because of this I hesitated which I believe caused me not to get smashed to pieces from the car.

Other than, great ride, perfect temperature and overcast sky, so not too sunny.

And it was nice to run into coach G and J on the ride!

Ride stats from Strava:

Elapsed Time
Max Speed
Avg Speed

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