Sunday, April 8, 2012

Ride Catch up! Including, riding with Tyler Hamilton and Jim Capra!

I've had a lot of good rides since my last post!

On the 31st we did a 45 mi ride in Canton - it was beautiful scenery.  At one point we passed by some cows and a horse just chillin' under a HUGE tree int he middle of a beautiful field.  I should have stopped and taken a picture.  I don't have any stats because I was having trouble with my GPS tracking on my phone that day.

On April 1st I met up with Laura and Ginnie and we did a ride in Silk Sheets - this was the same day as another fundraiser going on in Silk Sheets so we ran into Libby on the ride.  Or rather, as she was flying by she happened to spot me and yelled "VALLLLLL".  No stats for that ride either.  I had them on my bike computer but cleared them out on the next ride before I wrote them down.

On April 4th, I took off from work and rode up to Dahlonaga with Libby and Nola - we met Megan and Vicktoria up there to do THE GAPS!   We did Neel, Wolf Pen, and Woody.   It was a great ride.  I"m really glad I had them with me because the Gaps are NO JOKE.  I'm looking forward to doing them again this Saturday with TNT.  GPS did not work for that ride but I have some stats from my bike computer.
Distance: 38.1
Average Speed: 12.3 mph (this is amazing considering I was only going about 5pm up some of those hills...)
Max Speed: 36.2 mph - OH YEA!

I then rode in Brookhaven on the 5th - surprisingly my legs felt awesome.  Laura came out to ride too - which was great!  We took it nice an easy - but my legs felt good.
Distance: 19
Average Speed: 12.0

Then Friday 4/6 - went to dinner with the TNT staff and met Tyler Hamilton and coach Jim Capra.  They were really great.  We met them Friday and then they came and rode with TNT on Saturday and stayed for the cookout at Hard Labor Creek - it was really a great time.  We had perfect weather and we coudln't have asked for a better ride.
Distance: 50.7
Average Speed: 14.7 mph

And finally that brings us to today...recovery ride was great.  Rode out of Cadence bike shop in Sandy Springs with Tyler and Jim again.  My group got lost on the no drop ride :-)  But the company was good and the weather was fantastic....and I've always want to ride on Roswell
Distance: 18.5
Average Speed: 12.1 mph

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